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School Bus Industrial Strike action


Administration Staff

Senior Leadership Team

Principal Ms L Addison
Deputy Principal Mrs M Macpherson
Assistant Principals Mr S Milton
Mrs D Wakker


Year 9 Dean Mrs F Barrow
Year 10 Dean Mr S McGregor
Year 11 Dean Ms K Potter
Year 12 Dean Mrs L Scott
Year 13 Dean Mr L Samaseia

Curriculum Staff

Visual Arts

Head of Department

Ms M Cunningham


Ms S Jansen
Ms C Andrews

Accounting & Business Studies

Head of Department Mr T Broderick


Head of Department

Mrs B Blake


Mr J Yee
Mr X Manetto
Mrs K Ghuman
Ms C Andrews
Ms S Dudding
Ms J Naude
Mr D Huang


Teacher in Charge Ms S Jansen

Employment Skills

Head of Department Ms L Lui-Webster


Head of Department

Mrs D Truter


Mr G Hancock
Mrs D Truter
Mrs P Granich
Ms C Andrews
Ms M Stevenson
Ms S Chan
Mr I Peter


Head of Department Mrs E Broughton


Head of Department Mrs D Truter
Teacher Mrs L Ng

International Languages

Teacher in Charge - Japanese Ms G Minahan
Teacher - French Mrs M Macpherson

Media Studies

Teacher in Charge Ms G Minahan
Teacher Mrs M Stevenson


Head of Department Mr S Holmes
Teacher Ms S Lee

Physical Education & Health

Head of Department Mrs K Dawson
Teachers Mr L Maupese
Mr S McGregor
Ms K Potter
Ms L Archery


Head of Department Ms P Calver
Teacher Mr D Huang
Mr H Macfater
Mrs D Wakker
Mrs K Naicker
Ms F Booker
Ms K Quigley
Laboratory Technician Ms S Kemp

Social Sciences

Head of Department Mr T Muresan
Teachers Mr L Samaseia
Mr S Milton
Mrs P Granich
Ms C Andrews
Ms K Cook


Head of Department - Design, Digital & Construction Technologies Mr S Irving
Teachers Mr B Nand
Mrs F Barrow
Mrs L Scott
Technology Support Mrs S Rowe
Ms A Siliva


Teacher - Industry Pathways Mr T Broderick
Teacher - Early Childhood Education Mrs L Scott

International Students Department

Director Mrs S Hare
Administrative Assistant Mrs S Scanlan

Co-Curricular Staff


Careers Advisor Mrs S Blase
Careers Assistant Ms H Scrymgeour


Gateway Co-ordinator Ms P Holmberg

Music Instrumental / Itinerant Teacher

Brass/Jazz Band Director

Mr H Arthur


Mr J Seagar


Mr S Holmes

Learning Support

Head of Department Mr G Banks
Teacher Aide Mr S Hansen
Mrs L Hing
Ms S ‘Ahio
Ms C Woodroofe
Mrs A Stiglingh


Library Manager Mrs K Mucalo
Library Assistant Mr R Taylor

Student Welfare

Head of Department and Guidance Counsellor Mr M Williams
Registered Nurse Ms A Ginn
Ms J Holmes
Guidance Mrs R Bowlin
Ms R Daynes
Ms S Whitaker
Ms E Bond-Milne
Leadership Coach Mr T Edwards


Director of Sport Miss J Benjamin

Ancillary Staff

Executive Officer Mrs T de Silva
Principal’s PA / BOT Secretary Mrs S Wolfgram
Student Data Officer Mrs M Cary
Attendance Officer Mrs A Thomson
Accounts and Payroll Mr R Taylor
Mrs V Lim
Computer Technician Mr M Reid
Groundsman Mr G Perera
Mr M Harper
Property Officer Mr M Macpherson
Receptionist Mrs K Ross
Tuck Shop Manager Mrs S Cullen

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8:30am - 4:00pm Monday - Friday
New Zealand Time GMT+12

Physical address

32 Edgewater Drive
Pakuranga, Auckland 2010, New Zealand